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Source: mediamatters.org – Tuesday, January 24, 2017
JIM ACOSTA: When you take today for example, when [Donald Trump is] signing these executive orders in the oval office, when he's meeting with business leaders and so on, and he has this opportunity to turn the page — his press secretary goes out in the briefing room today and has a fairly successful news briefing, at the very end of the day, when they could just tie a ribbon around the whole thing and go home and crack open a cold one when they get home, [Trump] has to go and ignite this controversy that just seems to be pulled out of thin air. Millions of people — millions of undocumented voters did not cast ballots in this election. That is a falsehood, full stop. Related : Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote In Meeting With Lawmakers Previously :?? Trump Lies That Millions Voted Illegally, And Mainstream Outlets Uncritically Echo Him Trump???s Fake Election Claims Came From Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones, But Media Aren't Reporting That Sunday Show Hosts Fail To Hold Trump Surrogates Accountable For His Voter Fraud Lies??

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