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Source: www.huffingtonpost.ca – Friday, February 17, 2017
Splat. It would seem British Columbia's 41st general election is well underway. News that someone may have hacked the B.C. Liberal party's website caused quite the uproar. Charges, counter-charges, flurries of tweets, threats of lawsuits, privacy investigations, possible police investigations, it had it all. The Liberal party even doubled down on their charge by claiming that one of the computers that tried to hack its website is located somewhere in the legislature. Christy Clark. (Photo: CP) Premier Christy Clark went all in by accusing the B.C. NDP of the nefarious deed. Was NDP leader John Horgan really moonlighting? Nope, it was B.C.'s very own Miss Marple: Delta South Independent MLA Vicki Huntington . Talk about a splat backfiring. Clark apologized to the NDP for her groundless accusation. How did Huntington and her staff successfully hack the Liberal party's website? In an ingenious move, they typed a URL into the browser and hit click. Turns out the site was never hacked, and if the Liberals hadn't been so intent on trying to score political points, they might have heard countless computer geeks trying to tell them that. Also lost in the hullabaloo was a characteristic most hackers have in common: they don't want "the hackee" to know they've been hacked. (Photo: Mishooo via Getty Images) It's a risk-losing-your-hacking-license kind of offence. When individuals tied to the Russian government allegedly hacked their way int

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