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Source: mediamatters.org – Monday, February 13, 2017
ALEX JONES (HOST): ??Get into some of the people freaking out and flipping out at the Grammys. Here it is. JENNIFER LOPEZ (VIDEO):?? This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair. JONES: Stop, stop, stop. Back it up, back it up. Who is this? Who is this tart? I forget who she is. J-Lo. So again, giant corporate people making hundreds of millions of dollars, up there with their perfect ??manicured everything. All the leftists from these big foundations, where 1 or 2 percent of the money goes to the Africans. And they hoard the money for themselves, like you know, the Clintons and Oprah, and all the rest of it. And she???s up there, ???Oh and we just gotta do something, it???s we???re so oppressed, it???s all so horrible, what will???– Yes, let???s critique this — ???it???s so terrible, what are we, it???s so [unintelligible] and Trump wants to build factories for poor people.??? He doesn???t want to bring people in from Somalia where women are sold on slave box. Why don???t you go to Somalia for five minutes, lady, you???ll be gang raped so fast it???ll make your head spin. Previously : Trump Allies Promote Rape Apologist Days After Sexual Assault Revelations Limbaugh: The Left Sends Out "The Rape Police" Whenever There's Sex With "No Consent" (Also Known As Rape) A Comprehensive Guide To Alex Jones: Conspiracy Theorist And Trump ???Valuable Asset???

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