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Source: www.guns.com – Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Three Las Vegas men, including two with felony records, have been charged after videos of them shooting firearms– one of which was stolen– surfaced on social media. The two convicted felons, Peryoun Newman, 25, and Shavonte Hill, 29, were charged in federal court with being felons in possession of firearms. The third man, Jevontae Caldwell, 24, was charged with possession of a stolen firearm. Per court documents , the three came under investigation on Jan. 27 when a Las Vegas Metro Police detective working a gang-related human trafficking case saw live SnapChat videos of Newman and four other associates holding and firing a Draco pistol at an area shooting range. Comparing the images to other social media posts, authorities could identify those taking turns shooting six different firearms, noting that at least two of the men had criminal records– Newman for conspiracy to commit robbery and Hill for attempted murder among other charges. An LVMP sergeant went to the range and, finding Newman and company still at it, observed them as they left the business, putting the guns in the trunks of two cars and then followed them to a nearby apartment complex. When they emerged from the apartment, detectives took them into custody for illegal possession of firearms. Coupled with a search of the vehicles and apartment with a warrant, police turned up all six firearms seen in the videos including the Draco, two Glocks, an EAA 9mm pistol, a Ma

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